The National Association of Postal Supervisors is the only management organization that represents supervisors, managers and postmasters. Over 26,000 NAPS members have representation where it counts–at Postal Service headquarters and on Capitol Hill. Whether the issue is pay, benefits or working conditions, you have a qualified group of professional advocates working on your behalf.  For approved cases, NAPS’ Disciplinary Defense Fund (DDF) provides a trained legal advocate for members facing removal, reduction in grade and postal financial indebtedness (Debt Collection Act).

In addition to providing disciplinary defense services, members also receive information on legislation, postal policy and career advisement. Area training seminars are held on a variety of topics throughout the course of the year. Our annual Legislative Training Seminar in Washington, DC teaches grass roots legislative techniques and provides information on bills of interest to members.

Perhaps most important of all, NAPS members have the opportunity to become better informed and more efficient employees. This will serve to help our efforts to improve the overall atmosphere within the USPS. NAPS exists to raise the standard of efficiency, to widen the field of opportunity and to improve the quality of the work environment for those members who make the Postal Service their career.

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